Monday, November 2, 2015

Return to Mass. Stamford, Stafford Springs and monkeys riding horses

There was to be a family gathering in Worchester.  So we had to return to the area after working a few days.  We left early in the morning and drove up.  On the way, that fact we hadn't had breakfast caught up with us and Laurie picked a random exit to take in search of eggs and potatoes.

We found a small diner to have breakfast, We had driven past it looking for a second choice, and had to turn around in a parking lot across the street to get back.  A fiberglass cat statue caught her eye.  Always a sucker for a cute picture, we pulled over and got out.  The Cat was dress up as a 50s beatnik.  We took pictures and were overcome by the smell of fresh baked bread.

We located to culprit, a small store in the strip mall called Cobs.  An Australian chain, we went inside and bought some great scones and samples of their breads. Then we crossed the street and had breakfast.

leaving the restaurant, we realized there were more statues across the street and took the opportunity to take a few more pictures.

On our way,we passed through the town of Stafford Springs with a lovely old church and a fountain in the town center.

Next stop, Worchester, MA.


First frost I've seen this year

Monkeying and horsesing around simultaneously.

Church in Stafford Springs

Downtown Stafford Springs

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