Saturday, October 27, 2018

October 14th - Part Two

Our journey continued through the forest.  We arrived at the town of Meyers Flat.  A very small community that boasts of one of the "drive through" trees.  We hadn't eaten yet, so before checking out the Shrine tree, we looked for a place to eat.  The only places we saw that even looked like they had food was a local watering hole, and we didn't want bar food, and a winery that had food.  When we got to the winery, we found out that they were closed for some updating and construction.  That's when we got back on the road and drove to the next town of Miranda.

  ("Am I talking to Miranda?" - from the film, Serenity)

There was a little small town diner that wasn't too bad where we had lunch.  After lunch, we drove back north to Meyers Flat.  There was a small admission fee like six dollars to walk in.  We would have driven through the tree, but we were informed our truck probably wouldn't fit.  I have to say it was pretty unimpressive.  Around the yard there were a few pretty cool things to see.  A display of a huge redwood root system explaining how redwoods grow differently than many other trees.  There were a couple of hollowed out trunks with attached roofs to serve as houses.  More like play houses.

That was pretty much the end of the adventure.  We drove home and stopped at Eel River brewing where a couple of really nice Harleys were parked outside.

The rest of this month has been pretty low-key for us.  she's been working and the air has been cool.  On top of that we've tried to catch as much of the baseball playoffs as we could.

We'll see where things take us from here.

Forest scenes

From inside

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

October 14th - The Avenue of the Giants

We took a day to do a little sightseeing.  I have a lot of interesting and pretty pictures, so I'm going to break this into two posts.

South of us is the Humbolt State Park.  Hwy 101 runs down through it.  There is a side road scenic drive that was actually hwy 101 at one time. We have such better road construction skills now that they made the hwy somewhat straighter.  The older section is called "The Avenue of the Giants"

As we got into the drive, we stopped at the first pull off we found.  A plaque speaks of this section being dedicated to a local person.  There are many little grove areas dedicated such.  Sometimes, there are informational signs explaining local shrubberies.  

We soon came to our first geocache of the day. GC190X6  Albino Redwood Tree .Just south of the town of Pepperwood there is a turn-off.  In front of the wall of trees, was a nearly white redwood.  Back in the foliage was a path that led to a little opening.  After a bit of searching, we found the tricky guy.

Although it's all just winding roads and very big trees, It's still breathtaking.  

Just a bit down the road, there was a turn-off that headed back to 101.  We stopped there and trekked into the woods to find  GC1RFA1  Redwood Drop   Just a couple of quick finds. 

The Eel river runs along the avenue and we stopped at one point to document it.

Later, we came across a clearing where there was a little souvenir shop.  At that location was "The Immortal Redwood".  The tree is over 900 years old and has survived fire, loggers, and flood.  There were acouple of others sights such as a hollowed out trunk you can walk through and a very cool chair. 

I'll bring more in our next post.

There are hugh leaf clover patches everywhere

Geocache here

Eel river