Sunday, December 1, 2019

July 2019 - Last week

On the final day of the Con, I watched Gabriel as he played a massive computer game. 

July 24th was my birthday and the day after sister-in-law Susie's.  Nana and Linda took us out for lunch.

I met Tim and Linda Shaffer at Burning Beard and introduced them to that place as well as BNS.  They invited me to go see the Padres on the 27th.

Later I met up with my friend Gary.  We went out to OB and had dinner and a sunset. 

Met Tim and Linda, their kids and friends at Petco Park and watched the Padres win.

Busy, Busy month.  Had a final great Santee sunset, and left on the 31st for North Dakota.  Picked up a couple geocaches in Barstow and Baker.