Monday, November 23, 2015

November 2nd A couple of days in NYC.

We had to make sure while we were out here, that we got some time in New York.  There were a few specific things we wanted to make sure we did or saw.  In the two days we did some of them and put the rest back on the list for the next time we come out east.  In the morning, we drove to Morristown and caught the train to New York.

We bought into a tour package to take a couple of the different tours to see parts of the city we hadn't seen.  On that first day, we toured lower Manhattan, took the bay tour, and the Brooklyn tour. 

I found this trip different than last time, not only because we had a better idea of what we were doing, but because we are better plugged into trying the more local varieties of food. Of course, just driving around town on the busses there are so many great buildings and I love how old and new mix together.  Parts of the town are so designated as historic and no new buildings can be constructed there though you can still see newer buildings in the skyline.  We took the tour bus down to the Battery and boarded a boat to go from the dock in the lower end, around to the Hudson River that gave us a view of New Jersey and the after a short dock, up to the upper side before going back around to the East River and docking in Brooklyn.  We got off there and looked around a bit. We stopped into a small pizza restaurant where we had an incredible lunch that included two local Brooklyn brewed beers, and a charming conversation wit a couple of young tourists from the U.K.

From there, we boarded the Brooklyn tour bus that took us around Brooklyn, and past the Brooklyn Zoo before going across the Brooklyn Bridge, (the only bridge that allows foot traffic) back to Manhattan. We spent the evening walking around and found the only Scottish Pub in Manhattan.  What I found interesting, was that in the Irish and Scottish pubs, the customers are primarily from that region.  In other places, though it is an Irish theme, the customers are just the same ethnic mix as the surrounding town.

Since all the pictures people take in NYC look the same, I'm trying to post more unusual pictures or pictures of details not usually show.

The Flatiron Building

Little gargoyle

Originally, subway entrances like this one were in the middle of blocks.  Now they are on street corners.  This is one of the few originals left.

Underside of the elevated highway known as the FDR

The three east river bridges, BMW. Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg

Jersey from the Hudson

Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan bridge and past it, the Williamsburg bridge

Manhattan from Brooklyn

Two locals, War Flag and Brooklyn Brewery

A cute young couple from the U.K. we met and had lunch with in a famous Brooklyn pizza parlour.

Civil war memorial

Inventive parking


Roosevelt Center

Times Square

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