Friday, October 30, 2015

October 13th - Home (?) to New Jersey - Final part

It had been a wonderful visit to Massachusetts with Mom and Susan.  We had met a few of Laurie's family members, but we had to return to NJ for work.  We would still have to go back up for a dinner and family meet in a couple of days.  For now, Wales to Jersey.  Of course, we took the long way home.  There had been a couple of things I wanted pictures of and hadn't had time for them yet. We stopped at the old cemetery in Wales and looked around. Then into the town where a statuesque stone fountain had been presented to the town of Wales in 1887.  The glass lamp on top has four sides and the glass is etched with the four townships that lie in the four directions.  Next, we visited the old town library with it's war memorial out front. Across the street was a river running below the street level, and I ventured down into the brush and found a neat little waterfall to photograph. We drove on into Sturbridge next door because there are two old Factories that are starting to be re-purposed. I wanted pics there.  In the Blackington Building (c.1880), They hold antique sales.  One store sized space on the far end of the building has been remodeled and is for rent. Inside the windows of the old factory, there are shelves of antiques.  Outside left to the elements are old chairs and some things.  Across the main street from that is another factory which has been remodeled for shops including a dance studio.  There are woods behind this old giant, and we ventured into it for some great pictures.  Inside there we saw yet another old shop in the distance.

Instead of leaving for home, we went up to revisit Nashua, New Hampshire to get fish and chips at an Irish Pub called the Peddler's Daughter.  There is a veteran's memorial there and down the road a fireman's memorial.

Memorial at Wales Cemetary

Wales town fountain

Old town library and war memorial

A pond and stream across from the library

Bridge over stream

Blackington Building

Antiques out front

Inside the shop

Old factory across from the Blackington

Being re-purposed, there's a mix of new and very old.

Little bridge leads to stream that fed this factory

Further down the stream is yet another factory

Construct here mostly gone channeled water through water wheels

Rock foundation and part of the dam and waterfall system

Downtown Nashua, NH

Peddler's Daughter building on national register.

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Our bartender, Patricia, remembered us from two years ago.

Mmmmm, Haddock!  Fish and Chip.  House made tarter and Ketchup.

At the fireman's memorial in Nashua

Old cemetery in Nashua

Across the street from the Wales library was a purported Geocache. It was hidden in the guardrail. In the woods behind our second Factory, we saw a great stream with concrete and stone causeways used to channel the river for the old factories.  In the rock wall, we found the geocache we were looking for. Also, down the road, there is a great pizza place. Beind that there was a cache in a tree. Later, up in Nashua, we found yet another cache, a magnetic key holder stuck up inside a large bell at the Fireman's Memorial.  This trip Added New Hampshire to our list of states with finds.

In this guardrail... a cache!

Rock wall by the waterfall.  There is a stone that looks loose

Grey painted medicine bottle used as a geocache.

A very nice Italian and pizza restaurant in Wales

Tree out back

Magnetic key conainer was up inside the bell in Nashua

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