Saturday, November 7, 2015

October 18th - Breakfast at Annie's Worcester, Mass

Apologies, this post is late.  Took a couple of days in NYC and working and all, just couldn't get it done.  Thanks to Ruth Warnock for her help here.

We drove up, once again, to Lake George where Mom and sis were staying.  We were having a Jenkins family get together So we could meet, re-connect, and generally mingle with family members of Laurie's.

Annie runs a small diner in Worcester, MA.  Cute little place with many banners showing awards she has gotten for her service and food.  I was "instructed" to get everybody's pictures.  We had a great time and there was a wide range of ages. 

It has been a while since Ruth has been out here to see these people and Laurie was a girl when she had last seen them.  I, of course, had never met any of them. On the day of our Boston trip, I met Lisa and Patricia, and then we met Tommy and Ginny at Webster Lake.

Great time, great people. 

Then it snowed.

Outside Annie's

Karen. Something about telling the whole truth.

Mom Ruth, Tommy, and Annie.

Dick Adams, friend of the family.

Tommy and Ginny's daughter, Robin.

Laurie talking with Chris and Britany.

Kevin and his Girl, Chris and sister Karen in the front.

Quiet young lad

Ginny Jenkins, Mom

Megan, speaking, and Kelsey Husband of Brianna

I'm told a smile this large is rare from Tommy Jenkins

Sister Susan, mugging

Margo and Patricia

"We're still here."

More mugging

Margo and Jack's son, Nathan.  I think Ginny was looking for a towel.

The geneologists. Ruth and Lisa

Margo and husband, Jack. Hello, Jack.

Justin and Tommy in deep conversation.

Jack and Margo's other son, Stephen.

Snow captured falling around the church across the street.

Worcester welcoming Mom home New England style.
I apologize for names I might have left out or gotten wrong.  send me a note and I'll correct it.
I had a really great time.


  1. Patricia is not telling "the whole truth." That is Karen. They looked a lot alike when they were kids...

  2. Then I apologize for my mistake. I guess I'll have to edit that. Thanks.