Sunday, December 1, 2019

July 2019 - Last week

On the final day of the Con, I watched Gabriel as he played a massive computer game. 

July 24th was my birthday and the day after sister-in-law Susie's.  Nana and Linda took us out for lunch.

I met Tim and Linda Shaffer at Burning Beard and introduced them to that place as well as BNS.  They invited me to go see the Padres on the 27th.

Later I met up with my friend Gary.  We went out to OB and had dinner and a sunset. 

Met Tim and Linda, their kids and friends at Petco Park and watched the Padres win.

Busy, Busy month.  Had a final great Santee sunset, and left on the 31st for North Dakota.  Picked up a couple geocaches in Barstow and Baker.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

July 20th - AMC Deadquarters

On Saturday, I met up with my niece and her boys.  We went across the street where AMC had set up a compound of scenes from "The Walking Dead" and "Fear: The Walking Dead" TV shows.  Complete with shambling zombies.  After touring the outside area, we got in line for part two where you basically recreate a scene from the show.  That ends in a room where the boys got to play a VR game fighting "walkers".  Fun day.

Monday, November 25, 2019

July 17 - 20 - San Diego Comicon 50

Attended all 4 and a half days of the Con this year.  Just your basic huge convention.  Lots of panels and presentations to see, more people than live in North Dakota, Great costumes.  All this and the beautiful San Diego Embarcadero.  Let's get to the pics.  Okay?

Helicopters taking off at Coronado Island


Nentendo Mario World exhibit

Lego exhibit. Life-size Ironman all legos

The Lab from "Stranger things"

80s Panel

Shelter Island

Friday, November 22, 2019

July 16th - Respect the Taco!!

First full day in Cali.  Spent time at Nana's.  That afternoon, I went to Cotija's and had deluxe rolled tacos.  Then, out to the beach.  I started in pacific Beach on a little knoll that was one of Laurie's . places in the world.  I did a lot of thinking about all that had happened, and remembered her.  I dorve to PB Alehouse which id a restaurant we found together.  There is an upstairs lounge with a great view of the beach.  I had fish tacos there.  After that, I went to Ocean Beach and walked around.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Tripping to California - July 15th

I made the most of Utah.  There are geocaches all along the frontage road down I-15.  I stopped at a rest stop and had to walk through to the fence along the frontage road and got my cache.  After that, I stopped a bunch of times and found a bunch of them nearing to 10 that day.  A bit later, I got off at Meadow.  It's a small town.  There is a monument there for a Native American chief that was pretty interesting.  The cache wasn't there, but the gas station there had an old Chevy the owner was restoring.  I picked up a bunch more in the town and the surrounding area.  A lot of wasps around there.  I was careful and didn't get stung. 

I continued on and blew through Nevada, that corner of Arizona and into California and rush hour traffic slogging through San Bernadino and Riverside counties.  Eventually landed in Santee.