Saturday, March 31, 2018

March 14th - Bob Short

We had yet another evening of music and fun at Rio Bend.  Mr. Bob Short, who calls himself the Irish-Canadian, played traditional songs for us.  Okay, some were more like pop tunes that have a connection to Ireland, but it was a bit fun.  Of course, he played "Whiskey in a Jar", as well as the Irish Rover's famous "The Unicorn".  He did a great rendition of "The Green Berets" and his own "Ghost Chickens in the Sky"

Monday, March 26, 2018

March 13th - A night out in Mexicali !!!

The streets of Mexico

A couple of Laurie's nurse friends, and all three of us husbands went down to Mexicali for a fun night.  It's amazing I can still hear.  We drove down to Calexico and parked our cars at the border crossing.  We walked across the border and caught a cab to a nice Brazilian steak house called Mr. Pampas. We sat at the table and ordered drinks and then attacked the buffet.  There is no meat on the buffet, because guys come around with hot meats of various kinds on spits and shave off what you want.  All the food was great, and they also had roasted pineapple that they shave off the spit.

After filling ourselves, we caught more cabs and went to a dance place called Cantina Boston.  There are actually three different places there.  The first is called "Shots"and it's just a bar for doing shots.  They will line up your group's shot glasses on the bar and pour the alcohol liberally and make sure to spill.  They they light the whole set and let it flame down.  Then they pass out the warmed shots.  We did a couple and went next door to the Cantina where the music was much too loud.  We drank beers, danced around and had a great time.  The third place there is just a more upscale tavern for the business crowd.

We caught cabs back to the border and made our way to our cars.  This was our first trip to Mexicali.

Not in Kansas anymore

It took a lot of willpower to stay out.

Our dinner destination

Alfredo, Joanna, Jacy, Amy, Laurie, Myself


$1 US dollar to 17.6 Pesos

The cantina

Flaming shots



Friday, March 23, 2018

March - Los Algondones

We made a couple of trips down to Los Algodones, Mexico.  Basically the Mexican equivalent of a shopping center.  We picked up some medications and a sign for our camper.  Later, we had dinner at a couple of our favorite places. If you go, you have to have your passport to get back. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March 7th - Dave and Daphne

In the world of music, there are often performers who aren't the total legends we always think of, but still have their own accomplishments. These people are the type who make the "big" people successful. Through their talent, dedication to their craft, and such great loving personality, they make the world of music work.  We were privileged to see Dave and Daphne perform.

We arrived and hoped for yet another great show at the Buckboard Cafe.  We sat in the front table and waited patiently.  Dave was on the stage getting ready and when he had a second to sit, he did.  He sat across from us and we got engaged in conversation.  What a great guy!! Big heart and passion.

The show started and they quickly showed us the level of ability they have.  They completely owned the night.  Daphne was a great singer having been an accomplished gospel and country singer and Dave played his guitars as well as anybody.. We somehow formed a bond with these two great people.  I hope we can reconnect someday with them again.  This is a show you want to see over and over. (And I love his Strat)

Visit their website:

Yeah, "Flight of the Bumblebee" Awesome

Great people

Saturday, March 17, 2018

February - March. Hanging out at the Rio

The tissue box is empty
No coffee for my cream
Dogs howl in the alley
Crazy women scream
Some kids shout from there pick up truck
There stoned on life and beer
Fifty radios playing in this street
But I'm still hardly here
Exquisitely bored in California
We take our trouble to the Crest
Exquisitely bored in California
Exquisitely bored, Just like all the rest

- Peter Townshend

Days seem to run together, but we still have fun.  We often meet people who have been around us all year and you  unexpectedly become friends. There is a lot of beauty here, between the grounds and the amazing sunrises and sunsets.  So, I wander around and let things catch my eye..

The old bridge


Lazy kitty

New Friends

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

February 21st - Danny Vernon

We had the opportunity to attend a few new events at Rio Bend.  This night we got to see Danny Vernon, Illusion of Elvis.  I thought he did a very good and professional show.  It was, for me, really all about the music and getting to see someone perform it well.  My thanks to all the people involved in bringing Danny to Rio Bend.

His site:

Danny Vernon, Illusion of Elvis

Crowded venue

My partner

Meeting and mugging with new friends