Friday, December 29, 2017

September 8th - Riding on the Metro

The Metro
I'm alone
Sitting with my empty glass
My four walls
Follow me through my past
I was on a Paris train
I emerged in London rain
And you were waiting there
Swimming through apologies
I remember searching for the perfect words
I was hoping you might change your mind
I remember a soldier sleeping next to me
Riding on the Metro

Living at Oak Creek RV Park, I found myself riding the trolley a lot.  I've already posted pics when I rode the green line from Santee to downtown for ComicCon.  Since Laurie and I were attending Magig games at John's house, and she was working in Chula Vista, we found on Friday nights she was working, I could bus into El Cajon and catch the trolley downtown to meet her.  The trolley is mass transit.  That means it travels through some pretty rough neighborhoods in order to serve the more needy.  I thought I'd post a few pics I took on those rides.  

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

September 06 - We drove up to Carlsbad

We decided to take a day trip up the coast to the town of Carlsbad.  Nestled between Oceanside on the north, and Encinitas and Leucadia on the south.  Our first stop in town was to visit the visitor's center at the train depot.  Once this historic depot served the town with the Santa Fe.  Now it hosts the "Coaster", a part of the San Diego mass transit system., A typical visitor's center with nice older ladies well versed in the attractions and lore of the town. 

From there we went to the downtown area nearby.  The streets are nice and very welcoming.  Many of the local eateries have outdoor patios in front that actually extend into the street. It was very nice.

While we were there, we visited Barrel Republic.  This is a tavern which resembles a cafeteria more than anything else.  You log your credit or debit card at the front desk, and they give you an electronic band.  There are no bartenders, just self-serve taps that show descriptions of each offering.  You take a glass from the rack there, and wave your band at the tap you want.  It logs how many ounces you pour and bills it to the account they have opened for your visit.  When you are all ready to leave, the cashier settles it all up. 

When we left there we walked a few blocks to see what there was around.  We found a nice little olive oil and balsamic vinegar shop that she always likes to shop in.

We drove down to the beach and found a place to park.  You try finding a parking spot near the beach on a warm early fall day.  Then the space has to be big enough for a truck the size of our Ford F-250.  The beach access was always between close standing buildings, and we walked down a flight of stairs to the beach itself.

Carlsbad beach is one of the prettiest beaches in the county.  We spent a long time walking in the sand, playing in the water, and just enjoying our quiet day. 

When it was time, we sadly got ito our truck and headed home.  We thought it might be a good idea next time to take the trolley downtown and catch the Coaster up there.

 The tracks behind the old Santa Fe and now Coaster terminal and visitor's center.

Barrel Republic - Carlsbad, CA

Fountain at the town center park

At the olive oil and balsamic shoppe

Steps leading down to the beach


This is an amazingly pretty beach

Sunday, December 24, 2017

August 18th - Last post about Oak Creek RV "Resort"

We finally came to the end of our time in Flynn Springs.  In the final analysis, the park wasn't all that bad overall.  The workers kept the grounds very clean and well kept.  The spaces were a bit small.  Also, the organization that owns the park charge for everything they possibly can.  They were even charging us for our cat which never left our camper.  I can understand an apartment building charging because of possible property damage, but since the camper was ours, was no reason for it.  Also, the spaces were pretty small.  we had to rent a separate parking spot because we couldn't park next to our camper and still get in the door.

Since we only had the one vehicle, I was glad the bus ran right past us and straight to the trolley station.  I was able to ride a couple of times to be able to meet her when she got off work and we wanted to go somewhere without her having to drive all the way to the campground first.

We paid the bill and hooked up the fifth wheel, and headed over the hill to the Imperial Valley.

Our site
This artist was down the road

Morning fog creeping over the hill

Woodland area


Friday, December 22, 2017

Welcome back!!

Moorhead, MN - December 22, 2017.

After spending the last three months in a sort of limbo, I have finally gotten the motivation to find the few pics I have to post about and start blogging again.  During our last bit of time in San Diego, we really didn't do very much, so there wasn't much to talk about. Since traveling back out to El Centro, a bit has changed, and we're starting to do a few more things.

On top of it all, we have new computers which make it all so much easier.

Today, I'm just posting a few pics from various Craft Brew places we've been to.  But the posts should start flowing again.

Brick and Barley, downtown Grand Forks, ND This is an historic building that was damaged in the '97 flood but rebuilt.

BNS - Santee, CA

Council Brewing - San Diego
Chula Vista Brewery - Chula Vista, CA