Sunday, January 3, 2016

December 1st - We had a snowday

It was a fairly warm day for us, the temp was around 40.  You don't often have fresh snow on the ground in North Dakota that is warm enough to build snowmen with.  Being in Fargo, with the grandkids, we had to take advantage of it.  We got them dressed and went out into the yard.  Laurie showed them how the snow would roll into balls and we built a fine little snowman.  After that, the kids took target practice with snowballs at the garage.  Giggling and having fun.  Then Papa, me, had to hit someone with a snowball so Papa became the new target.  I grabbed them and wrestled around in the snow and they all had a blast.  After that we built another snowman and then, exhausted, went inside for lunch and a nap.What fun!

Assembling the troops for winter duty

We greeted the day

The day greeted us

Laurie explaining snow

The snowman build begins.  The children are attentive.


Snow angels

Target Practice.  We need a live target

This will do...

Warming up

Papa makes an angel

Attack re-targeted

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