Thursday, January 21, 2016

December 26th - Christmas arrives!!!

Due to work schedules and all, Christmas morning for the little minions came a day late.  I don't think they will know it was late.  It's been so long since I did a Christmas morning with little ones. AS normal, they got up full of energy and smiles.  Babies in PJs.  We sat them down against a wall spread out so they would each have their own space for opening presents.  As if that would last long.  Eager smiles and feverish digging into wrapping paper while they uncovered and discovered each new treasure.  Daddy and Uncle Alex helped them to open things and then Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Alex helped put together items that needed some assembly.  Play time came as they spread the presents around the room exploring the abilities and possibilities of each toy. Mimi and the rest played along with them.  It was a very enjoyable Christmas morning made bittersweet with the knowledge of our impending departure.

The tree

Santa has been here.

Inspecting brightly covered, huge boxes

Digging into stockings

Ready to begin an orderly unwrapping process.

It begins...

Daddy helping

Presents from Uncle Alex and Kaycee

Presents from Nana

"I can't believe this is mine!"


Some assembly required

Playtime with Mimi

"Look at all this stuff!"

"But I love the basket!"