Monday, January 18, 2016

December 21st - Santa's Village.

It was a cold evening, but we bundled up and went to where they were hosting a Santa;s Village for the kids.  Alex and Kaycee had come to town and eagerly came with us.

We arrived and checked in.  The first room had a model train set-up and a collection for canned goods for the needy.  We took pictures of the kids where their heads were stuck through a stand up elf.  Jeremiah was especially enthralled by the trains.

From there, we walked over to see the reindeer they had, and then to see Santa himself.  A large stuffed toy reindeer was in a corridor and quickly caught the kid's attention.  They each got to spend a few moments with Santa and one of his helpers, and then got to meet Mrs. Clause and help her decorate cookies.

he next part of our night was to the toy shop and the Adults helped the kids make decorations for our Christmas tree.  They ended that with a little play time.

We returned to the first room where we were able to write letters to Santa.  Finally bundled up again we left, but not before stopping at Santa's mail box to mail the letters from the kids.

It was a great evening and made even better with the presence of Alexander an Kaycee.

Santa's Village

Donner and Blitzen hangin' in the yard.

Talking to the man

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