Friday, January 15, 2016

December 19th - Corby's 2nd birthday party.

House was cleaned and the guests arrived. We had a great time as the kids played and we all had party snacks and conversations.  Jeremiah runs out and explains how old he and his siblings are.  In a discussion with him, he says: "wait-wait-wait" to get in his definitive statement on the subject.

It becomes time for Corbin to open presents and all the kids crowd him to watch, their fingers twitching because they want to rip some of the wrappings themselves.  The presents get opened with "ahh!"s and "Oooh!"s for each one.

Playtime, the kids all get to sample and play with Corbin's booty.  The adults converse.  Then comes the cupcakes and the children ingest their sugar highs for the rides home.

Everything done, bonding completed, the guests bundle up and head out.  It's so much easier when you're the grandparent, I must say.

A great time with lots of fun and tugs on the heartstrings.

A normal level of peace will now blanket the house for a few days until Christmas arrives.

Thanks everybody for the great day.

Kalliope off and running while Mommy, Daddy, and Rachael watch

Kari's little Edison

Dustin, holding Jeremiah, Rachael, Jake holding Madelyn, Leigh, and Jaiden

Corbin, Dustin, and Kalliope

Jaiden and Rachael

Center of attention

Sprockett explains how things are...

Kari in deep conversation with JD

Tearing in

Everyone watches

August gives Corbin pointers

Corbin going at it as Jeremiah, August Kalliope and Edison give moral support


Some assembly required.
Kaylee, Alek,and Jake


Mother/daughter moment


Angels devouring cupcakes

Happy 2nd birthday, Corby!!

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