Saturday, January 9, 2016

December 10th - A random Geocache attempt reveals a local artist's work

I have been accused and probably not unjustly of having am obsession with Geocaching. The big surprise here, is that this post is not about Geocaching.  This is about something we found pursuing a Geocache. It goes like this.

We had made a visit to our farmstead in Petersburg and were going to Eliza's in Fargo to stay until Laurie and possibly myself were going to head for California.  If I'm not driving on a particular part of a trip, I'll often look at my Geocache app just to see what is around us.  I noticed there was one a ways north of highway 2. It was interesting because the highway bends south and there is a small road that continues straight from there which led to a cache.

The cache was a small container put behind a street sign, but the description of where to find it was between a water pump house and an iron welding sculpture.  We decided to go find it despite the day being snowy and windy.

On our way, cruising down gravel and sometimes dirt roads, we came across a farm based seedling company.  Out front, all along the road and the surrounding area were these sculptures.  Apparently the work of the same local man who had a small one by the cache.  We got out and took some pictures.  We did find the cache, but the real find was the artwork of this local man.

I think you'll enjoy the pictures.

The propellers on the tail spin in the wind

Weather vane. This was around 6 or 7 feet long.

I think he was saying something about America defeating Germany and Japan.  It's too bad the flag is tattered.


Snake 7 ft tall

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