Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 23rd - Mount Soledad

It was Wednesday morning the day before I had to fly out.  We went to Ocean Beach for breakfast.  A little restaurant called Margarita's serves some great breakfast dishes.  I had my usual Texas Benedict.  Eggs benedict made with regular bacon, a chipotle hollandaise, and fresh avocado.  Laurie had Huevos enchiladas, made with eggs on top of cheese enchiladas/  Incredible as usual.

From there, we drove up Interstate 5 to La Jolla.  Specifically, Mount Soledad.  The mountain is a state park except for the very top of it which is now owned by a local non-profit group.  At the top is a white cross.  It has always been a veteran's memorial.  In the early 2000s they added stone walls which are adorned with plaques to commemorate servicemen.  There is no particular qualification, other than having served.  We found one for a man who served in the Union Army during the Civil War.  Notable plaques are Gen. Patton, Glenn Miller, Audie Murphey, And a group of twelve, one tells the story that a couple had 11 sons and they all served in the military.  There is a plaque for each of the 11.  It's beautiful up there.  It was windy and a bit chilly from the high ocean breeze.  We looked around and sat, and just took it all in.

When we left, we drove down to Chula Vista.  This would be our last chance as a couple to see Francine and France.  They have a fifth wheel parked by the Chula Vista Marina at the RV park.  At the end of H street, and just off the beach of San Diego Harbor.

We had dinner at their site, and then walked to the beach for a beautiful sunset.  Once again, I had a view of the hills of Tijuana, but this time it was because we were so close as opposed to just being on top of a mountain.  To our north we could see downtown San Diego and the Coronado Bridge.

It was a great day and we had a great time.

Looking east 

Our volunteer tour guide.  She answered all our questions

Looking North


Highway 52

Pretty visitor

The park at San Diego bay

Synergy statue

North towards downtown San Diego

Tijuana at night

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