Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March 16th - Sunset Cliffs

You come to San Diego and you are doing the whole sightseeing thing.  Of course, you want to experience the SoCal beaches.  I've done little of north county beaches, because I usually don't live up there.  However, the coastline from La Jolla down to the end of Point Loma has some of the greatest beaches in the world.  Every beach has it's own look and personality.  Our favorite beach is Ocean Beach.   Not only for the wide beautiful sand and sun, but the the pier offers fishing, a great view of both sea and land, and a beautiful backdrop for the sunsets.  On the south end, there are tide pools during low tide.  On top of that is a community which combines a 50s and 60s style living with today's culture.

The day before St. Patrick's Day, we were out traveling, and decided to catch the sunset a bit further south where Ocean Beach becomes Point Loma at Sunset Cliffs.  A natural cliff created by wave erosion and a stone foundation, there are a few parking areas, and on any nice evening, the cliff fills with people and photographers catching the sun sinking past the horizon.

It was beautiful and amazing.  I confess, I have only ever been here a couple of times.  A flock of pigeons nest on the actual side of the cliff away from anyone's ability to bother them.

We had a great sunset and experience.

The Community of Sunset Cliffs at Point Loma

Sol says goodnight

A crowd watches

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