Friday, March 11, 2016

February 26th and 27th - West Hills Park.

On the west side of Santee, is a park that is part of the Mission Trails system. The trail head sits on Mast Blvd across the street from West Hills High School.  We went there on the 26th with Susan and did some quick geocaching.  We didn't do a lot of hiking or work at it too long, though.  We found just at the opening of the trails and another just down the trail along the sidewalk. It was getting hot quickly and stopped.

The next day, a little earlier, Laurie and I returned to walk a bit.  The trail has an immediate branch going right and left.  We walked past this and up the hill.  We just walked to the rock formation you see from the street.  Once there, the land drops into a valley you wouldn't know was there.  It was a fum time.  There were a lot of people walking and quite a few who were doing rock climbing on the huge boulders there.  A quick time out and a short but uphill walk and we called it a day. But it was pretty fun.

The trail head

West Hills High School

Mission Gorge Roan sliding over the ridge

An unexpected valley.  Hwy 52 in the distance

closeup enthusiasts climbing rocks.

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