Monday, March 14, 2016

February 27th - Later that same day...

Later in the day, after our trek in the hot foot hills, we went to have dinner at a Local brewer's tasting room.  URBN Street Brewers is located on Magnolia Ave just north of Main Street.  Years ago, we both lived just own the street at an apartment building.  This was, in fact, where we met.  I saw this girl with fiery eyes and wild red hair and, as the song says, "that's the last i've seen of my heart".

So this corner of the town of El Cajon has gone through a major renovation and it looks pretty good these days.  We parked and walked into URBN. The serving room is large with a bar and lots of tables.  It has a full kitchen and serves a variety of items such as appetizers and flatbreads and pizza.

We ordered a pizza and a couple of stouts we wanted to try, and went to a tabl that is actually on the sidewalk outside.  We ate and drank and spoke to fellow travelers we met there.  Across the street, The East County Californian still has their offices and have been around since 1892.

There are many memories associated with this location in El Cajon. Some great some not so much.  We walked around after and enjoyed the aternoon.  A short excursion, but a great time.

"These two tourists walk into a bar..."

The East County Californian

Magnolia and Main


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