Thursday, October 8, 2015

September 14 - Hawk View Wildcat Ridge

Our second  visit to Wildcat Ridge. This time we went to a different location.  There is a cliff in the woods where you are supposed to be able to see soaring hawks playing in the currents.  After a trek through the woods, we got a glimpse of the upcoming ridge through the trees.  Continuing on, we came to the ridge itself.  An incredible vista looking east.  A deep valley and a breathtaking view reaching thirty miles.

There, a group of three wildlife volunteers sitting with high powered scopes logging the day's bird activity.  Apparently, the best time is just after a northern front moves through.  This wasn't that day.  Oh well.  We did get to see a turkey vulture in the distance, but that was about it.

In the distance, and hard to see at this time of day, were some tall buildings.  That was lower Manhattan in NYC.  Just to the west of that was Fort Lee in New Jersey with the George Washington Bridge between them.

So, a bit uneventful but a good 3 or 4 mile hike with a great view,  It was pretty nice.

A knotty tree

A closer look

Someone left this.  Reminds me of a Steve Bell song.

Amazing view


NYC in the distance

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