Sunday, December 4, 2016

Novermber 9th - our second Geocaching event.

It was a Wednesday, and there is a meeting of a geocache group at Plaza Bonita every Wednesday.  We got up and had our usual delicious breakfast and headed out.  We walked through a nearly empty mall until we found the food court and the group.  A great bunch of people.  We introduced ourselves and talked about the hobby.  Outside in the parking lot, I located a number of cars with Travel bug stickers on them and got to log discoveries for them.  We followed a couple of cars from the group as they were going to check on a cache one of them has that often gets muggled.  It had been this time as well, but they had a replacement for it.  We got to log the find, but it has since been archived.

After all that, we went up to Point Loma area and drove around.  Modern Times brewery is on a back street somewhere.  The selection was okay, but it was really hot, in the 90s, and we didn't stay too long. 

I took a picture of some houses/storage places across the street.  It was a reach into a previous time in my life.  There had been some local guys who had formed a band.  They had been pretty good, but the guitarist abruptly decided to stop playing and move away from the whole scene.  He had been a heavy drug user and had found a truer path in Christianity.  The funny thing was that the one time I watched them practice, it had been in one of those places I took that picture of.  The band had called itself, Makus Tremmel after some fans watching them is the small practice studio remarked about the vibrations of the loud music and said "You guys really make us tremble".

Fisnjack's Travelbug

A reminder of my youth.

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