Thursday, December 8, 2016

November 20th - Vista, CA and the Shaffers

We had an opportunity to go taproom hopping with our friends Tim and Linda.  We agreed to meet at Mother Earth.  They brought a couple of friends, so we met Mike and Sherrie Zorn.   I've seldom ever gone to anywhere in Vista, but this is the first time I've been to downtown.  Quaint little place.  very nice.  Mother Earth was on one end of a street and Wavelength was on the other.  We had a great time.  Outside of Wavelength, was a sculpture that had a sign saying you should take a selfie and post it to the Facebook page listed.  I let Linda take it with myself and her.  After all that, we went to Backstreet Brewery and had some appetizers and sat outside on their patio.  Everybody left for home after that, and we visited Belching Beaver.  We'd been to their room in North Park but not to the main shop and restaurant.   On our travels, there is a little shopping center where the outsides of all the buildings are painted to look like a street scene. Pretty cool.

Da Gurls

Flights at Wavelength

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