Monday, December 26, 2016

December 17th - Moving Day!!!

It's moving day.  We got up early had breakfast and ran to the store.  Making sure we had what we needed for travel and fill up the truck with diesel.  Back home, we started the process of closing up the fifth-wheel.  It involves putting away anything that would roll or fall, moving furniture out of the way of the slides and taking down pictures.  The bed becomes a soft resting place for two TVs and Jeremiah's picture and flag box.  Tanks drained, all hoses and connections unhooked and put away.  Slides closed.

Finally, the truck is backed in and connected.  stands pulled up, and we are good to go.  The cat gets to ride with us.  Poor Gypsy whined for a while until she got used to the motion. 

It was quite a drive.  One that I haven't made for many years.  Up to Interstate 8, and straight on out to El Centro.  We didn't do any sightseeing o picture taking.  I did look out to see what I was interested in seeing better.  We'll be about 108 miles from San Diego, so we will be going back from time to time.

As we pass out of the eastern city area of El Cajon, Santee, and Lakeside, we pass into rising hills.  We pass into the Cleveland National forest past Alpine and Pine Valley.  Then past Sunrise Highway that leads up to the spectacular Mt. Laguna.  Past that, I-8 runs south for a bit and then drops down into the Imperial Valley.  Our RV park is just to the south of a town of 1500 people called Seeley but in El Centro city limits. 

The park is a golf resort surrounded by farmland.  Farming in the desert is different than what I've seen of course. 

As we get settled in, I'll take time to start doing stories about what it's like out here.

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