Sunday, October 23, 2016

September 16 and 17. The last leg of the journey.

Having gotten back on the road, we made our way south.  I prayed we'd get out of Idaho without another incident.  I prayed we'd get through at least one state without incident.  We ultimately had smooth driving for the rest of the way.

We got into Utah and found a Discount Tire store that had a tire to replace our last blown camper tire that would be open when we got there.  The store was on a main street, but we were going in the wrong direction and there's no way you U-turn a large truck and fifth wheel.  The street just behind the shop had been bought by an auto dealership and closed to through traffic.  We almost made a bad turn when a nice lady came out of her house and told us "Don't go that way". We did make it to the shop and we were told, not only did he have the tire for us, but someone had returned three more after having them for just a day.  He gave us an incredible price on them, ($50.00 each), and included a great price on warranty and all.  The big shock was finding out the tires on the camper were actually eight years old.  No wonder they were blowing out.  We got them installed and cruised on. 

Through Utah, the little corner of Arizona called the Virgin River Gorge, and into Nevada.  I had pulled a Travel Bug from a cache in Grand Forks that had, as it's mission, to get returned to Las Vegas. We stopped outside of Vegas near the raceway, and found a great cache.  The cache itself had been horribly damaged, but we had a replacement for it, dropped in the Travel Bug, plus a couple of ours, and went on our way. 

Just across the California border is a huge solar power plant, and it is a welcomed sight as it tells you that you've made it to California.  Finally.  Then through the desert, through San Berdoo county, Riverside county, and finally, San Diego county. 

We stopped for two days at Santee Lakes campground.  It gave us an opportunity to see family there.  We got to our campground in Chula Vista the next day and got it all parked and hooked up. Then, a huge exhale of breath as we had now landed. safe and sound.

Pocatello Falls, Idaho

The moon winks at us as we rest the southern end of Utah

Eureka Casino Mesquite, Nevada

The solar plant just over the Nevada/California border.

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