Monday, October 17, 2016

September 11th - Leaving North Dakota into Montana.

On the evening of the 1th, having checked out of the hotel and said goodbyes, we finally headed out towards California.  We made a brief stop at Teddy Roosevelt National Park.  Drove up a road, looked at the groundhogs and took a couple of pictures.  After that, we were on our way and quickly cruised into Montana.  We made it just past Whitehall, when Laurie noticed a huge bubble in one of the fifth wheel's tires.  We pulled over and the tire eventually went.  After some scrambling around to find a thin-wall socket, we finally got the tire changed and made it to Butte where we bought another tire.  On the way out of Whitehall, we detoured unintentionally, and drove through some pretty mountain areas until we made it back to the highway.  We pulled over in Butte for the night and headed out towards Idaho in the morning.  We stopped for a quick PNG (park and grab) geocache at the continental divide rest stop.

In her perch

Taking the scenic route

A McDonald's in Butte

Where the continental divide crosses I-94

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