Thursday, October 20, 2016

September 13- 16. Idaho Falls.

The trip from Bismarck through Montana and into Idaho, thanks to a bad tire took us two days.  After getting a replacement tire in Butte and having a great Montana steak dinner, we stayed the night and hit it early.  It was nice to get out of Montana without further incident.  We were cruising down the road with few worries, when the truck just stopped working.  A positive note was the tow driver had an attachment for his rig that allowed him to both load our truck and pull our camper.  We got to an AAA approved shop and they luckily had a place where we could put the camper and stay in it, complete with water and at least 110V power.

The truck had a major problem and was going to be costly and take time.  Time we had.  We were planning on making a stop in Utah at Zion National Park, so by deleting that from our plans, we had time. The wonderful people at the shop provided us with a couple of rides and even a loaner car once.

We explored the little town of Idaho Falls.  Originally called Eagle Rock, there is a basically man constructed river fall system that provides power for the town.  The downtown area has a lot of personality and is going through a revitalization project.  This part of the trip was a drag for the costs, but once again, we got to explore something we would usually drive by and had our trip enhanced.

So, after a few days, we got onto the road again.


Not Cruisin'

Snow Eagle Brewing. Trendy, but not really great.

The Falls

Local Mormon Temple in the background.

The surrounding park boasts many interesting chairs and benches.




Goose chairs

Caboose converted to a taco shop.

The shop had a bunch of vintage autos.

Amazing sculpture showing the town's original namesake, Eagle Rock

Apparently, they will let the water flow freeze before turning it off in the winter.  I hear it's beautiful.

Idaho Brewing Company.  Great people here.

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