Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Revisit yesteryear! Historic Speedwell, NJ

August 16th.  Having settled in, We took our first expedition.

We unfortunately arrived at Speedwell just after the days last tour had begun.  This meant we were not able to see the two main exhibits there.  However, we were able to walk around and see many cool exhibits and see into life in the states circa the early 1800s.

Originally the homestead of Stephen Vail, It became the location for an ironworks company later owned solely by Vail.  The ironworks made most of the iron products used to build the U.S.S. Savannah, which was the first steamship to cross the Atlantic ocean.  Stephen would later become a judge.

Vail's son, Alfred worked in this location with Samuel F. B. Morse to develop, test, and ultimately demonstrate the Morse telegraph.

There are a number of other historic buildings which have been moved to Speedwell to add to the original exhibit.

This was a fun and quiet afternoon spent here.  We may return for the full tour later.

Park entrance to Historic Speedwell

A discription of the all-important Wheel House where the water wheel powered the factory as well as ground farm products for use.

Side view of the 24 foot overshot water wheel.  Originally all wood, it was partially rebuilt using iron parts later.

The Wheel House

The Gabriel Ford Jr cottage built circa 1800.  Ford's grand father was Jacob Ford, a colonel in Washington's Army. The structure was moved from Morristown to an old foundation here.

A beautiful accessory to a majestic black walnut tree.

I have no ides what this was, but it sure looks cool.  about 3 feet tall.

The  Mosey Estey house built in Morristown  1786. Later moved here.

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