Thursday, September 10, 2015

A night in Sandusky

A quick note about Ohio and the next few posts.  When we got to the Port Clinton and Sundusky area, we had planned to make a lengthy stop there. We stopped and camped at the Sandusky Campground.  The park was nice and had lots of trees and very pretty. We enjoyed our stay there very much.  The few days we spent there, we took various trips to see many things and different areas.  Consequently, I have quite a few stories to write about and I'm separating them to get as much of it in here as I can.

On our first evening after getting oriented and settled into the campground, We decided to just go into the town of Sandusky and see what there was to see.  The town of Sandusky is a town that is in a state of rebuilding.  There is a lot of history in this town and many buildings are noted as landmarks.  Interestingly, on such building houses a law office.  The office has plaques on the outside denoting our Bill of Rights. There are many buildings being worked on and quite a few nice eateries and taverns.  Sandusky sits right on Lake Erie, and has a marina and port.  Part of it is run by one of the ferry companies that run out to the islands on the lake. There was a club situated in a dock warehouse.  open air booths with food and drink.  The warehouse itself was just a large dance floor with a live band belting out country music.  Many bikes in attendance and the crowd was made up of many age groups.  All in all, it was great sightseeing.  We stopped for appetizers and local craft brew at the Daly's irish pub.  We got some local flair by a nice girl who waited on us.  It was a fun time.

Sandusky, Ohio


Sandusky Marina


Cross section of time on display.

Great unsettled sky over Lake Erie

Jack Daniel's Barrel House Tavern

Law office building


From the outside patio

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