Saturday, September 26, 2015

Chester, NJ

August 26th. We spent our day in the town of Chester.  In an area around the Black River, the town of Chester was founded.  The fast-moving streams fed many types of mills and later moved the town into foundries and forges.  It also had the benefits of large iron deposits, and developed many iron mines.  It's heyday was during the Civil war where it's production was in high demand.  Later, though, larger deposits of iron were found in Minnesota and the iron industry here waned.

Chester re-invented itself as a farming community as well as a get-away for people trying to get a reprieve from busy life in NYC.

We parked and walked around the town, quiet, and serene.  Quite a few visitors today as there was a farmer's market in town.  At the market, which wasn't very big, a live band played.  The band, "A Touch of Grey" was a Greatful Dead cover band.  There was a shuttle that took us to nearby Alstede Farms.  The farms has a large area, with attractions for the kids as well as fields where you can pick your own vegetables.  This area requires an admission fee. It would be a great place to bring the kids and let them have fun.

So much of New Jersey seems to always have the military service of our citizens in it's awareness.  Chester was no exceptions with it's military memorials and displays.  There is a cannon on the grounds which has it's manufacturing date of "1869" embossed on it.

We stopped in a the Publik House tavern and Inn.  Great service and wonderful period design throughout the building.  It had a carved and artfully crafted bar in the tavern.

Main Street Chester, NJ

Veteran's Memorial

Gazebo in the park

Inside the Publik House

Incredible hand-carved woodwork.

Black Eyed Susans

Constructed 1869

My partner in crime.

See the goats?

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