Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Tripping to California - July 15th

I made the most of Utah.  There are geocaches all along the frontage road down I-15.  I stopped at a rest stop and had to walk through to the fence along the frontage road and got my cache.  After that, I stopped a bunch of times and found a bunch of them nearing to 10 that day.  A bit later, I got off at Meadow.  It's a small town.  There is a monument there for a Native American chief that was pretty interesting.  The cache wasn't there, but the gas station there had an old Chevy the owner was restoring.  I picked up a bunch more in the town and the surrounding area.  A lot of wasps around there.  I was careful and didn't get stung. 

I continued on and blew through Nevada, that corner of Arizona and into California and rush hour traffic slogging through San Bernadino and Riverside counties.  Eventually landed in Santee.

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