Friday, November 8, 2019

First week of July 2019

The month started quietly but would not stay that way.  Gypsy sat around the house or chased her shadow and the occasional mouse.  I walked around and started getting the lawn a bit under control.  Walking around the back yard I disturbed a duck sitting on eggs.  That put mowing off for a bit.

July 4th came and Eliza, the kids, and I rode in the parade as normal.  Everything seems surreal without Laurie as she was always with me.  After the parade, we went over and visited Sheila and Kevin.  We did a little shopping and drove out to the lake to spend time with Chris and Eric and his family.

I went out with Jeanelle and her husband Jodi on their pontoon boat.  Jodi's kids and mother did some fishing and I watched and enjoyed the day.  Eliza and her brood took many rides on boats and tubes.  Dinner feast came followed by fireworks.  We have always sent up memory balloons.  This year we not only sent one for Jeremiah, but one for Laurie as well.

Lazy cat

Wall listing Auxiliary members of VFW post 756 in Devils Lake, ND  Laurie is listed with other Gold Star Mothers

On Jodi'd boat

Always the threat of a summer storm on the 4th

A catch

Memory Balloon

The two drifting off

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