Saturday, October 13, 2018

September 24th - Heading South

I wouldn't do it for cod, but I'd do it Fortuna.

There is a limited number of local breweries here.  The only one we hadn't visited was Eel River brewing south in Fortuna, Ca. We drove down there and found the only really good brewer in the area.  Very tasty stuff.  Out back, they have a great patio for dining.  Part of it is a small covered garden area. Nice.

After having lunch, we visited the riverwalk, a biking and walking path that runs next to the river.  The river wasn't that impressive, but the width of the riverbed itself tells you what it must be like during the spring thaw. 

As we made our way home, we stopped in Loleta where we had heard of a local cheese maker.  They had a huge selection of cheeses they make and boast of a grilled cheese sandwich bar where you can get fresh sandwiches.

It wasn't a long outing, but it was fun.