Saturday, October 6, 2018

September 17th - North County Fair

North of us, there is another town called Arcata.  They had their annual street fair.  In the town is a block-square park.  Vendors and artisans lined both sides of the surrounding streets with booths.  Some food, lots of great handcrafted items and clothing.  This looked like a real hippie-artist thing.

There was the annual Samba parade around the square.

We walked around and looked at a lot of cool stuff.  Of course, we had to buy some hot sauce and jelly.  We stopped in a tavern that had a lot of old items around the bar and a couple of surprises.  A couple of the buildings have ancient neon lights which was cool. 

On our way out was a girl band which played music from the 40s.  Guitar, double bass, and woodwinds/brass.  They were pretty good.  Arcata is an interesting town.

We had lunch at a combination cider and meat pie place.  We even brought home a couple of empanadas and pot pies.

By the way, completely unassociated, Baseball postseason started today.  I'm excited.  Just sayin'.

This was painted into the street up where I parked the beast

Lots of people

Town square

Amazing art masks

The parade


no, wait, what???

Awesome band



Cider bar