Tuesday, October 9, 2018

September 18th and 19th - Exploring the coastline

We went out a couple of days and just went to "Historic Old Town Eureka".  There is a boardwalk down by the shoreline, and we went there and walked a bit and checked it out.  The next day, we drove across the bridge that is hwy 255 out across Humbolt Bay.  It crosses over and connects Eureka, Daby Island, Woodley Island, Humbolt Bay National Wildlife Refuge, and the Somoa Peninsula.  We drove down the peninsula to a small beach where a group of surfers were enjoying the water.  Across the street was a lumber mill busy churning out building products.  In Town, we viewed a bunch of old historuc buildings.  We ate lunch at Gallager's, an Irish pub inside a very old hotel building.  They had great fish and chips.  Very nice day.

Boardwalk by the bay

Distant beach area

Lumber mill

They have carriage rides

Old Town Square

8:54 am

Eagle House Inn home of  Gallagers


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