Sunday, October 21, 2018

October 2nd - Outdorrsy

Wonderful day. We left in the morning going north to Arcata. There was a wonderful fog rolled

We stopped in town and ate at Mazotti's Italian Restaurant. It was certainly different to see the town square without the fair.  We drove around town a bit and then headed north a bit more towards Mckinleyville.  We passed a "scenic outlook", so we turned around and visited it.  This is the place where the Mad River spills into the Pacific.  Down, below the ridge, is an incredible sight of where river and ocean meet.  There was also a big group of sea lions.  You always ask, "I wonder if there's a geocache here?"

Of course there is. I never found it, but it makes you see such incredible things.  I found out why the Mad River is called such, and following the GPS, I went into some woods and found an incredibly huge ant hill like you think of in African stories.  Not to mention a 4 inch long slug.

After a bit of hiking, we went home.  We met a cool couple from Canada (Eh?) and had some good conversation and walked for a bit around town before going home to our RV park. 

Arcata Square

California sealions

Ant hill


Back in Eureka