Thursday, February 15, 2018

January 31st - Laughing Bird

There was a great music/comedy show at Rio Bend that we attended.  A pair called "Laughing Bird" performed and kept us entertained that night.  Tupelo and Janey, a couple who appear to love each other very much through many, many years of marriage, told some stories and play various instruments and sang.

Janey did the bulk of the singing and played a dulcimer and various percussion instruments.  Tupelo played an guitar, an acoustic banjo, and an acoustic guitar harp, which is a cross between a guitar and harp. 

The music was positive and uplifting and we have fun watching and listening to them perform.

Here is their website,

Laughing Bird

Tupelo playing the harpguitar and Janey with her dulcimer

A dobro

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