Saturday, February 3, 2018

Christmas! - Christmas! - Christmas!

It's Christmas.  What is there to say?

Laurie cooked another amazing dinner, very very very excited kids, family, presents, football, horrid cold weather, cuddling and lots of fun.

Laurie and I made a run to the store and Brett and I did later.  Included here are some pics of a trip we took home later.

Some Presents and Stockings

The tree on Christmas morning

A veritable plethora of goodies

"C'mon, Mommy, start passing out the swag!"

The expression of delight

Big boxes

Mimi helps assembly

Frigid cold in Fargo

Sun dogs.  This only happens when all the moisture in the air is frozen.  It was -43 degrees.

Our driveway

Amazing sunset due to cold air.

Happy boy

Pile on!!


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