Monday, February 12, 2018

January 27th - Sand, RVs, and Rocks. At a Discount!!

The town of Quartzsite, Az is the home of a major two-month event featuring a huge rock show.  Not music, mind you, rocks. rocks, gems, minerals.  Collectors come from miles to the event which also has a large RV show where you can view new RVs and campers as well as look for parts and accessories.

We drove out there this morning.  The desert was scenic. There were places where the dune buggy enthusiasts go to have fun. We passed A huge mine surrounded by fence and barb wire.

The town was just packed with cars and people.  We found the center of activities and parked.  We walked around and looked at the booths and had a good time. We stopped at the meet's watering hole and had a single Corona.  An older gentleman was performing and sounded pretty good.  We went on and walked around for a while longer.

We left and ate at a local Mexican Restaurant and checked out La Mesa RV's local site.  They have a restaurant and tavern that opens at night.

Kinda fun over all, we left and drove home.


Stopped for a selfie, and this critter jumped in.

At the largest gem and RV show in the south west.  

New Fifth wheels!!!

We saw a few of these neat tiny camper units.

Colorado River

A local eatery

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