Monday, January 1, 2018

September 18th - The Padres win at Petco Park

Happy New Year.  This post is appearing on New Years Day. 

It was back in September that we decided to go downtown and attend a Padres game.  Fairly insignificant event, but baseball games in a stadium are always fun.  We took the trolley downtown and walked to the stadium.  I took a bunch of pictures of basic downtown sights.  We made our way to the lounge and had a couple of drinks sponsored by Cutwater Spirits, the hard liquor company that split off from Ballast Point Breweries.  Then we walked around, had a brat, and found our seats.  The stadium never got very full, but we didn't care because we never get to games and it's always fun.  As an added bonus, the Padres actually beat the Arizona Diamondbacks, 4-2.

I found this to be an interesting shot

This is a steak restaurant.  NY strip steaks..

PetCo Park

On my post about ComicCon, I included a shot of PetCo park from the Convention Center. It seemed right to post a shot looking back from PetCo.

I'm captivated by the old Western Metal Supply building that was moulded into the park rather than being torn down like the surrounding lesser factories and wearhouses were.

And yes, there was a badly attended baseball game, too.

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