Friday, December 29, 2017

September 8th - Riding on the Metro

The Metro
I'm alone
Sitting with my empty glass
My four walls
Follow me through my past
I was on a Paris train
I emerged in London rain
And you were waiting there
Swimming through apologies
I remember searching for the perfect words
I was hoping you might change your mind
I remember a soldier sleeping next to me
Riding on the Metro

Living at Oak Creek RV Park, I found myself riding the trolley a lot.  I've already posted pics when I rode the green line from Santee to downtown for ComicCon.  Since Laurie and I were attending Magig games at John's house, and she was working in Chula Vista, we found on Friday nights she was working, I could bus into El Cajon and catch the trolley downtown to meet her.  The trolley is mass transit.  That means it travels through some pretty rough neighborhoods in order to serve the more needy.  I thought I'd post a few pics I took on those rides.  

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