Sunday, January 7, 2018

October 23rd - Life at Rio Bend

Finally got settled into our spot in El Centro.  We had set it up to be in the same spot as we were last year, but ended up in the spot next to it.  At first, there was a camper left in the spot from someone who had to go home unexpectedly and still needed to come back for his rig.  We were temporarily parked in one of the pull-throughs for short stay people. 

It got sorted out and we are where we need to be for the duration.  For the first time, I am being a workamper, which means I do work for the campground in exchange for reduced rent.  In my case, I work 24 hours a week for full payment plus electricity.  I'm working in one of the two kitchens cooking their experimental breakfast program.  It's not very busy.

We are planning on doing a lot more events and such.  We have already attended karoke on Thursday nights, and even played bingo a couple of times.  They had a croquet tournament and I participated in that. 

On the road on Interstate 8 headed to Rio Bend

Parked in the temporary pull-through spot

Evening in the desert

Our cat, Gypsy, sits on the bed and looks out the windows every morning.

Us at the Porticle listening to "Music by Keith!"

At the local Ford dealer buying new batteries for the truck

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