Thursday, January 25, 2018

December 22nd - Corby's Birthday Party

Our youngest (so far) grandson, Corbin,  was born in early December.  They held off on his 4th birthday celebration until we could be out there in the frozen tundra.  Did I mention that this trip was into an unusually cold spell that pushed all the way down the eastern US to Florida?  We were not happy about that.

The night of the party, Brett's mom and dad showed up first, followed by neighbors, friends, and other relatives.  It's always fun watching an adult control the chaos of even one kid in a bunch opening presents.  There was cake, presents, and all around a good time.  Corbin's natural dad, Dustin, showed up and spent some time with the kids.


The Birthday boy and his Lightning McQueen Cake

Some of the attendees

Begin the unwrapping


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