Monday, November 7, 2016

October 4th. A trip to Coronado

One evening, we stopped at Coronado Brewing's taproom in Imperial Beach.  I had a great hamburger there.  On the 4th, we took a ride across the Coronado bridge out to Coronado.  Coronado is not quite an island.  There is a strip of land that runs from Imperial Beach up to Coronado, making the San Diego Bay.  The strip of land is about 10 miles long and is known as the Silver Strand.  Just before the strand widens into Coronado, there is the Naval Submarine station on the ocean front.  The town of Coronado covers half of the "island". The northern end is occupied by North Island Naval Station.  There are three ways to get to the island.  The third is by the Coronado Ferry.  The view as you cross the bridge is spectacular.  The bridge was originally a toll bridge as it was proposed that was to fund the building of the bridge.  Once it was paid off, Local politicians tried to continue the toll, but that was soon ended.

We drove into town and stopped at Coronado Brewing's main shop and restaurant.  The food and drink was great.  After our lunch, we walked down the street to a small par on the bay.  This was the original landing for the Ferry when it carried autos as well as people back before the bridge was built.  Close by is the pier for the current passenger ferry.  We spent some time walking along the bay and even picked up a couple of geocache finds.  There is also a small shopping center at the Ferry Landing that we checked out.  After a bit of walking around, we finally said goodbye to the Island and drove back home across the bridge in rush hour traffic.

Our Geocache finds:

Imperial Beach taproom

Downtown Coronado

Local resident hanging out in the yard

Centennial Park

Ferry Landing

U.S.S. Midway

The Ferry

Ferry Landing

Coronado shore

San Diego Convention Center

Shopping village

Seven foot tall bird of paradise

The shipyards at NASSCO

Rush hour bridge traffic

Mural at Chicano park depicting all the Presidents of Mexico

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