Saturday, November 19, 2016

October 17th - A walk in the Park.

Our day started with a trip down to Imperial Beach.  Not too much happening, but we walked on the beach and looked around.  From there, we decided to trip out to North Park.  There are a number of craft breweries there and we wanted to check them out. 

Our first stop was Fall Brewing.  They were not too spectacular. They had an 80s punk thing going on.  What was remarkable was this display of stitched pillow art.  A local artist sews felt onto foam pieces and creates 3-D versions of many famous rock album covers.   Pretty cool, but spendy.  She is asking 5 to 10 thousand dollars for them.  I really liked the one of the Clash's London Calling album.

Before our next stop, we checked the geocache app, and found one nearby.  There is an old building up north of El Cajon Blvd. It's one of those odd triangular buildings that occur across the world when streets converge in an awkward way.  Many years ago, I became familiar with this building because a friend had a comic book shop there.  He changed locations years ago, but he was the reason I knew of the building. There is a geocache at that location, and we sought it out and found it. 

The Triangle Building  GC34EEA

Having to go down this short one way street and find parking for our big truck was a challenge.  We walked by a house where a resident either had many cats or was just feeding all the strays in the neighborhood.  They were very cute.

Saw a classic Plymouth Newport. a 1968 I believe.  The things you see on these trips. 

Next, we went to Belching Beaver who had a great chocolate stout.  Then to Mike Hess brewing.  Which was a let-down after the Beave.

We also found a cache on Ray Street where a short block is a noted artist's community.

The Ray Street Cache GC2CYTY

A view of the Imperial Beach pier from said beach.

Fall Brewing

Amazing Pillows

The Triangle Building

A cast of cats

Chrysler Newport

Belching Beaver

Street art in North Park. 30th Street

Mike Hess

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