Sunday, November 13, 2016

October 8th. Ramona and Lake Jennings

We took a drive up to Ramona to visit the cemetery.  We stopped for tacos at one of our favorite places and checked out a craft brew place on the way.  We cleaned off the gravestones and cleaned up the dead leaves on the plants.  Then we just sat for a bit.

On our way down, we went over to Lake Jennings.  I had never been there and we had questions about how it might be a place for a camper stay on one of our trips to San Diego.  Lake Jennings is made from a dam constructed for water conservation.  It was pretty. The roads leading to it are steep and twisty.  It looked like a good place to go if you have a car and tents and just wanted a weekend of fishing.  There were some larger campers there, but we couldn't imagine wanting to haul ours up there and fight the road out every day when she went to work.  But we had wondered about it and had to check as long as we were in the area. 

Stopped in to Finest Made Ales.  It used to be Butcher's Brewing but they went for a change.  I thought the selection they had before was better. 

We got home and enjoyed yet another sunset.

The only craft brew in Ramona

Lake Jennings

Finest Made

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