Friday, September 2, 2016

June 4th - Arizona second day. Standing on a corner.

The next morning we returned to the Canyon.  When we got to the gate, Laurie asked about the senior discount mentioned.  We had paid $30.00 for the regular fee.  We were informed if we had a person over 62, the fee would have been $10.00 for a pass that allows a senior to enter with a car and three other people. This card gets you into every National park for the rest of your life.  As I was 62, I got the card and even a $20.00 dollar refund. Cool.  We took a tram to the east this day nd walked back along the trail to the visitor's center.  Great walk, very hot.  There are so many fascinating rock formations and cool birds and such.  We had fun.  We got back and while at the center, a couple of Elk wandered through and got drinks.  The ranger constantly announced a warning that these were wild animals and to stay away from them lest they injure you.  Yes, it was clear that some people needed this warning.

On our way back to Williams, we picked up a couple of geocache finds.  We visited the Veteran's park in Williams as well and picked up two more finds before heading east.

As we drove down I-40, I knew we would come to the town of Winslow.  The last time we drove through here, I wanted to stop and get a picture of us standing on a corner as the song says.  Laurie had been sleeping, so I just drove through.  This time I was determined to do it.  As we came to the town, I headed for the downtown area so we would truly be in Winslow.  To our surprise, there is a park in the center of town dedicated to the song that made them famous! A corner of the park is paved with flat stones, surrounded by a wall with a mural and on the street is a bright red flatbed Ford truck.  We waited our turn to take pictures and look around.  We had snacks and beer at a pub there, too.  There is a virtual geocache where you answer questions about what you see to get credit for the find.  Finishing up, we headed out of town.  Just on the edge, there is a 9/11 memorial with two steel beams from the twin towers.  We later stopped for the night near the state border.

An old Crosley.

9/11 Memorial

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