Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Summer 2016 - Home, at last?

Having finally arrived home to the farm, We settled into starting our summer jobs, opening up the house, getting reacquainted with friends and family and planning for the future.

The weather was very uncooperative that season.  It started to rain almost non-stop but settled down to a once almost daily shower. The weeds in the yard loved it.  Just before we got to our house, there was a wind storm of reportedly 180mph winds.  We lost a bunch of trees and there was some damage to the roof which will need to be fixed.  One of the big Quonset doors was tossed into the field as well.  Luckily, the trees all fell away from the house.  I wasn't able to do much cleanup due to the weather and the chain saw didn't want to work properly until I cleaned it all out. 

We had fun overall this summer.  Spent as much time with the kiddos as we could.  Fourth of July in Devils Lake, parade and afternoon at the lake with the Jorgensons, Pettys, and Hermans.  Took turns with having the kids out to the farm.  There was a birthday party for the Irish twins out at Eliza's in Minnesota. 

The beautiful thing about open plains and stormy weather, is there are a lot of great sunsets. 

Then, it was over and it was time to travel again. 

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My "best" apple tree.  Wind try to uproot it. Still growing strong.


Door ended up 100 yards east.

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