Tuesday, August 30, 2016

June 3rd - Arizona Day One

Cruising into Arizona, our first stop was at the welcome sign for a picture of us.  Another couple arrived about when we did, and we took their pics and they took ours.  Right there at the border is a huge water power plant on the Colorado River.  Great view.  Just a few feet up and across to the other side of the highway, was a geocache location.  We now had Arizona.  We drove on through the desert to the town of Williams.  We've been here before.  Williams is at the junction of I-40 and the road that leads to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We stopped and obtained a hotel room, dropping of our peace lily which travels everywhere with us.  Then we headed to the canyon 20 miles down the road.  It was evening, and we took a tram out to the west viewpoint to catch the sunset.  Normally, when you take pictures of a sunset, it's the sky and the sun as subjects.  Here, it's the eastern walls of the canyon and how the fading light creates shadows and colors against the walls.  If you've never seen the Canon, pictures won't do it justice. If you have, I'm not sure most pictures are anything more striking than the ones you've seen. 

Afterwards, we drove back to Williams and had dinner outdoors at a nice restaurant with a local boy singing and playing guitar.  Tired and worn, we went to our room and crashed, planning on returning to the canyon the next day.

Power plant on the Colorado River


A local

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