Friday, September 23, 2016

July 4th. Devils Lake, ND Celebrating Independance.

On the third of July, we had Eliza, Brett and the kids out.  We had fireworks, we bought fireworks, and so did they.  As is usual, any event of fun is always better when you have little ones around.

So then came the Fourth of July.  As usual, we were able to honor our son by riding for Gold Star parents in the Devils Lake parade.  Jamie and Jen Eback graciously provided their truck for the event.  Jen's kids painted posters for the truck honoring Jeremiah which was very touching.  Big thanks to them.  We sat in the bed on chairs along with her kids which is always fun, but we added our grandson Jeremiah and Brett Messerschmidt's daughter, Evie.  That was a blast. 

After the parade, we had been invited to go out to Devils Lake out to where our friends Eric and Chris Jorgenson have property next to our other friends, Reg and Eileen Herman.  We also had Russ and Helen Petty and parts of their family, a well as Brian and Shaun Prince.  The food spread was amazing and the weather looked great.   At first.

As the afternoon went on, the weather turned and we were greeted by rain, followed by cold, extreme winds and a tornado warning.  Did I mention hail?  Everybody huddled into the Camper Eric had except Eliza and Brett and the kiddies got into her car.  It got nasty and eventually blew over.  But not before a few trees behind us came down and one bounced off Eliza's and also our cars.

After the storm, which didn't last long, Eric, Russ myself, and a couple of others went out with a chainsaw graciously donated by Reg and George Herman, and cut up and removed the trees that were blocking any of us from leaving later. 

The weather cleared and became beautiful.  Many of us went out on the lake and Eric pulled a few around on the tube they had.  It was a lot of fun watching people bouncing on the tube and trying to not get thrown off. 

When it was finally getting dark, it was time for fireworks.  We started by sending up memory balloons.  Then Russ and whoever brought fireworks set them off.  It was fun watching the little ones with sparklers. 

It always gets dark very late in the summer in North Dakota, so it was around 11:00 when we wrapped it up.  A long, eventful, emotional and enjoyable experience. 

July 3rd.

They all look so excited, don't they?

That's better...

Before the start of the parade

Posing for Jen Eback

This poor fellow has a sticker that says" No Ragrets"  How about now?

Trees came down but got partially caught by another. The damage could be worse. Lost our antenna and messed up the rear wiper.


Memory balloon released

There it goes

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