Saturday, August 27, 2016

June 1 - 3, 2016 - Goodbye California

"Well I never been to England, but I kinda like the Beatles
Well, I headed for Las Vegas - only made it out to Needles
Can you feel it?
It must be real it feels so good
Oh, feels so good"
 - Hoyt Axton

Home from TAPS, we had a couple of days to get packed and on the road.  On the first, we stopped in to Alesmith's new brewery and tap room.  Much nicer and spacious than the old place.  Alesmith is one of the premier brewers in San Diego. [] The brewer has a deep love of San Diego especially San Diego baseball.  They honor one of San Diego's biggest sports heroes, Tony Gwynn.  Tony set records as a player and they brew the San Diego Pale Ale .394 as a tribute to his highest batting average.  Alesmith has opened a Tony Gwynn museum on the taproom premises.

A little more noodling around, and we left, heading up Interstate 15 towards Riverside California.  As we had planned to stay with Laurie's Mom this trip. we had driven out in our Jeep rather than the truck and Travel trailer.  This made our pack a bit tight, but allowed us the mobility of an SUV.  North to the sleepy (because it's so hot!) town of Barstow where we made a right turn and took I-40.  A while later, past the southern border of the Mojave National Preserve, up to the Arizona border and the town of historic Needles.  We stopped for a bite to eat and then, before traveling on thought we'd get a quick find there.  I never imagined I'd be geocaching in 115 degree heat.  But, there we were.  A quick Park and Grab and on the eventually cooler climes.  But hey, it was a dry heat...

Alesmith's new brewery and Tap room.

We would have looked around more if it wasn't as hot.  I love heat, but there are limits.

There is a cache here somewhere.

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