Tuesday, October 29, 2019

April 21 to 28 - TAPS

For those who don't know.  TAPS, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, if a program for families who have lost a loved one in the Military whether by combat, suicide, accident, or illness.

We had been all ready to go to TAPS this year.  She had purchased plane tickets and everything.  There was no way I wanted to go alone, so we arraigned for Eliza to go instead. She wasn't able to use Laurie's ticket, so she found a cheap flight out of Minneapolis and I flew out of Grand Forks.

This year was a bit different, Eliza and I thought we needed to spend time together especially without the kids.  We attended some seminars, but did a lot of sightseeing just to be with each other.  I was able to get closer to our ND TAPS family and Eliza got closer to her siblings group.

We attended the music  show at Marine Barraks, Rolling Thunder, and Vice President Pence's speech at Arlington on Memorial day.

Eliza and I visited about 5 of the Smithsonian Museums as well as the Holocaust Museum and the National Archives.

Our friend Brenda sent me a copy of her with Laurie and Chris the biker who gave them rides in Rolling Thunder on different years.

Crazy, emotional, rewarding week.

The Grand Forks airport displays the three major industries there, Cirrus, LM Glasfiber, and NOrthrop/Grummen Global Hawks

From our room at the Marriott Chrystal Gateway

In Arlington, Virginia

Marine Barraks One

Tim Chambers during Rolling Thunder 32

The X-15

Vice President Mike Pence

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